the devil's new skin_ Pinja Antikainen

Category: Apparel

I designed a jacket that offers a new idea for the future. Because leather naturally decomposes before it is processed. We could focus on creating treatment agents for leather that would not inhibit the decomposition process. Composting always requires the right conditions to work. So there is no risk of composting occurring in use. This could also find a new target group of users by changing the value chain in a more natural direction. Wouldn’t it feel better to use a jacket knowing that the chemicals would not further contaminate the soil. We are looking for new innovative materials, but alternatively we could upgrade the production of old materials. In this way we can clothe ourselves in a new skin, which gave rise to the idea: the devil’s new skin. From which I drew inspiration for the jacket’s shape and silhouette. The jacket makes use of the pre-cut leather edge shapes, and the trimming waste could easily be put to rot, instead of being burned, if the industry does not make use of trimming waste. If your question would be where the leather goes after cutting, the option already exists. Where the wasted leather is going at the moment. So if the leather were compostable, it would already have a planned path back into nature.

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