Category: Accessories

Named after the french expression «la prunelle de mes yeux», meaning the apple of my eye, prunel is a cowhide leather bag conceived to be loved for years. Its innovative weaving inspired by ocean eye irises of the leather enlightens the property of leather to patine. It means that, just as true beauty does, this bag will reveal itself with time, by changing of appearance over the years, going from a deep black to a seducing blue. Its unique patined pattern makes prunel more than a simple bag, but the physical reminder of a life well lived. To truly enhance the beauty of real cattle leather, prunel is made of custom-tinted leather. The top grain cowhide leather is firstly dyed in a beautiful blue. And a deep black stain is applied afterwards. With time, the stain will randomly fade, revealing this gorgeous patined effect, highlighted by the waving in the front of the bag. prunel, not a simple it-bag, but the apple of your eye.

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