Real Leather. Stay different. Amalia-Adela Samoila

Category: Apparel

Aambivert is a dystopian and cyberpunk inspired clothing capsule collection with pieces can be worn either combined or individually as accessories. The colour palette is a blend of neutral sand tones while the silhouette is focus on body armour, tactical gear, protective wear and compression pads. Based on the concept of a video game where you get to create your own avatar the brand is trying to empower people to embrace thier individuality and express themselves through clothing and accessorising. The collection give the audience the opportunity to mix and match the pieces from one outfit to another in order to crate endless possibilities of styling. The brand gives the wearer empowerment and confidence, hope of survival through good and bad, and bringing awareness about the future consequences if action is not taken by being more sustainable as designers and consumers. The clothing collection is made out of dead-stock leather, scrap materials, recycled plastic parts and other materials such as neoprene for a tight fit, 3d space mesh for air to flow, and waterproof twill canvas for extra protection and durability. Elements that it may be particularly attractive to individuals who are interested in science fiction, technology, and survivalism. Additionally, the brand emphasis on empowerment, confidence, and self-expression through clothing fact that may appeal to those who are interested in fashion as a means of personal expression. The brand brings awareness to important issues like empathy, technology and survival may also resonate with individuals who are concerned about the future of humanity and the world we live in. Overall is AAMBIVERT is for to people who are looking for something unique, thought-pravoking, empowering and also sustainable.

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