Emotionally Durable Accessory Based on Modularity

Category: Accessories

Emotionally Durable Accessory Based on Modularity is my MA project. My research question was: How can playfulness offered by modularity make an accessory emotionally durable and thus more environmentally sustainable? There is a huge problem of fashion waste and people tend to easily abandon their belongings. It is caused by a lack of emotional connection. I believe that incorporating playful elements into a design is a powerful way to create a deeper connection between the product and its user, which ultimately contributes to the extension of the product lifespan. Play is a way to create a dialogue with an object. While researching the connections between the modular accessory and play, many commonalities can be found. A playful accessory involves the user in the design process, which increases interactivity with the product. By offering the user an opportunity to play with the accessory I create space for an emotional connection and new meanings to emerge. By making my products modular, I offer user the opportunity to customize and adapt their accessories to their specific needs and preferences. This allows the user to engage with the product on a deeper level and form a more meaningful relationship with it. Additionally, modular design provides a unique and interesting visual appeal.